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  • Adventure! Serial 2 Episode 4: Dinosaurs

    The heroes head towards the traders and go dinosaur hunting.

  • Adventure! Serial 2 Episode 3: The Earth

    The heroes encounter the Folk, and learn a bit more about the Earth and find out what happened to the first party.

  • Adventure! Serial 2 Episode 2: The Earth

    The heroes arrive at the bottom of the stairs and find…. The Earth.

  • Adventure! Serial 2 Episode 1: Briefing

    We are pleased to present a brand new Adventure serial. The cast includes several heroes from the previous serial as well as three new recruits to the team. The heroes assemble at their Long Island sanctuary, receive their briefing from Briggs, then depart on their mission.

  • Adventure! Keeper’s Diary 01

    Somewhat misnamed, but here’s the Keeper’s Diary for the first serial of Adventure!.

  • Adventure! Episode 13

    The final wrapup to this scenario, as well as some hints to what may be coming next.

  • Adventure! Episode 12

    The heroes fight the most powerful villains they’ve had to face yet. Will they be able to bring them all to justice?

  • Adventure! Episode 11

    The heroes’ search for the command center on the pirate island ends with a bang.

  • Adventure! Delay in New Episodes and Future Plans

    I’d like to apologize for the lack of new episodes of Adventure!. Real life has taken a toll on our scheduling, and I have run out of my backlog of recorded episodes. I thought about doing a Keeper’s Diary just so there’s *some* ongoing content, but I think I want to wait until the scenario […]

  • Adventure! Episode 10

    The heroes begin their assault on the pirate island!